Smart Lock Installation Guide

Not everyone can be an expert, so we've created this handy guide to help you choose the right Smart Lock for your door. Digital Doors Australia always recommends having your locks installed by a qualified and licensed locksmith. We can arrange installation of all of our products in all capital cities of Australia. 

Fresh Installations

If you're fitting your lock as a fresh install on a new door or additional to your existing lock almost all of our locks will work with most standard wooden doors in Australia - check the backset (see diagram below) and door thickness to and make sure the lock will fit. If you can't find the specs - contact us.

Although we always recommend having your locks installed by a licensed professional locksmith, If you decide you'd like to install your lock yourself, all of our products come with installation templates that explain what tools you'll need and to help you mark out the door for drilling.

Retrofit Installations

When retrofitting a new Smart Lock in place of your existing hardware it's important to choose the right lock to ensure compatibility and to minimise any patchwork that may need to be done to the done after installation.

We've narrowed down the most common locks in Australia into 5 main categories. Click on your lock type to be shown which of our products will best fit in place. Please note that not all locks will be able to be replaced by a smart lock. In some situations it may be better to keep your existing lock and install a Smart Lock as a secondary lock.

Still not sure? use the form below to send us a picture. We'll get back to you with what products will work for you.

Click on your lock to see products that will work for you.

Rim Lock Australian Mortice Lock Euro Mortice Lock
Deadbolt/ Entrance Set Gainsborough Trilock